Debunking and seeing the truth

By Gabriel Curran

The world we now live in is a vast and profound myriad of inter-connectivity and boundless reach. A melting pot of exchanged ideas, opinions and creativity, all pumped through this extraordinarily powerful, trusted and sophisticated technology called the internet. This has been at the forefront of a mass awakening, radical new spiritual movements and has allowed a rip roaring deluge of counter culture information to pour into the consciousness of the masses. This is a momentous achievement and has been incredible for a free democratic society and the liberation of information. It has allowed a vast array of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and activists to propagate their work to a potential huge audience which would never normally be achieved through the traditional and mainstream ways of distribution. This is clearly very positive and it must be acknowledged for all its growth and technological evolution.
In particular, I am interested in the development and progression of the counter culture, conspiracy and new age movements with their vast and colorful array of gurus, philosophers, shamans, researchers, scholars and spiritual teachers, all proliferating their radical and aw-inspiring ideas out to the populace. I’ve examined many cogent, empowering and enlightening documentaries, internet radio shows, pod casts, blogs, books and music. It’s all been very optimistic and I think it has ultimately helped to raise the overall awareness and consciousness of the globe.
Unfortunately with every pro there is often a con, and I strongly feel this applies to this situation. I think that we are always in grave danger of being misled, misinformed and deceived by information that is skewed, co-opted and fictitious. We have the pseudo new age spiritualists, the fear mongering conspiracy theorists and the morbid foreboding doom and gloom forums. There seems to be this insidious and malignant undercurrent of inauthenticity, a plethora of disingenuous infiltrators who are just doing more harm than good. A collective of under qualified, under researched charlatans who masquerade wisdom and truth.
The counterfeits and ill equipped really need to be weeded out as they are undoubtedly casting spells on their credulous and naive followers. They are also undermining the genuine and authentic practitioners who have carried out such noble and cogent research.
Disseminating dogmatic and sometimes stupendous un-provable information does nothing for the growth of consciousness or any radical movement. It just debases it, makes a mockery of it, and gives the mainstream establishment a perfect excuse to ridicule it to death. You now see fear mongering Hollywood films being made about 2012 and the occult. You see these cheesy, tacky and overtly dramatized US news programs which warn us of devastating cataclysms, surveillance societies and a microchip population.
It’s clearly now got the hype, street cred and wow factor, but does that mean it’s any good for seeking the truth? It’s clearly more popularized and common place now in the mainstream, with even high profile celebrities talking of occult rituals, new world order, symbolism and the various other facets of the conspiracy movement. It’s become a kind of cheap media circus full of bright lights, bravado and fearful melodrama.
Does this actually increase awareness or just help to undermine it?
Many of these movements have now become like hip, sub-terrain trends and cliques. Where it’s more about the cool factor than finding out the real truth. Yes, it’s actually become cool and interesting to believe and talk of something radical, esoteric, conspiratorial or fantastical. And yes, just like music sub cultures it’s been infiltrated by the mainstream and it’s become about the alternative bohemian identity, and about the juicy cosmic lingo and amassing of buzz word triggers and interesting phrases.
We know that there is spin, double speak, propaganda, deception, misinformation coming from the mainstream machine, but that also applies to the counter culture. It is not immune to corruption, lies, and should be questioned and deconstructed always. Critical thinking should apply to everything. All should be tested, investigated, cross referenced and researched. Otherwise we are just a bunch of new age sheep just blindly following the flock.
Another important point is the way this information is delivered. I see a lot of depressive fear mongering and hopeless complaining. A lot of draining anger and frustration spewing from the mouths of the many conspiracy theorists and researchers.
I’m not saying don’t be angry at the system’s injustices. No, I’m saying be fucking angry, but do it in a way that’s vibrant, inspiring and motivating. Turn anger into a more effective and positive energy that is more beneficial.
This can be achieved and it’s far more productive for everyone involved. By simply remaining acrimonious all the time in your state of being is nothing but completely draining and debilitating. Our way of (being) is as vital. Our way of communicating, our energy and vibration, our warmness of character all assist in something more evolved and powerful.
People don’t want to listen to the trite doom and gloom. This is ineffective a lot of the time and sometimes does more harm than good.
We must try to demonstrate great being through our poise and conduct, play and humour, expression and creativity, laughter and vibrancy. If that is not there then something is fundamentally wrong and must be fixed. Look at the late great Alan Watt. A great example of a guy who could educate and fight against oppression in the most amazing harmonious way. So full of zest, creativity, charisma and purity. So unhinged, unique, original and warm. Now that’s a guy. As Neil Kramer said, let’s merge knowledge with (being) and see that they are both equally as important.


Allflaws is an English electronic, industrial hip hop and trip hop project, created in 2004 by Gabriel Curran in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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