Down and out

By Gabriel Curran

I often meet people who feel powerless, rejected and are generally disconcerted with their occupations, living situations and relationships. This I understand to be out of some people’s general control, but most often it’s quite the opposite.
In most cases that dis-empowerment, fragmentation and disconnection stems from a deep ignorance, seeded by a malevolent system that pulls them into a futile state of apathy and depression.
Time and time again you will witness these unfortunate and hapless souls doing jobs they hate, in abodes they despise, constantly failing in relationships, disconnected from fellow human beings. Always pointing the finger outside and blaming the World for their failings and unrelenting misery.
These people seem almost addicted to suffering in all its heinous forms, shapes and sizes. I think we have all experienced these characters, who always see the glass as half empty. This now seems to be fundamental problem that seethes beneath the fabric of our everyday living.
Big brother’s society has now become a festering breeding ground for a victim mentality and it’s really very hard to get away from it and its infectious energy.
It’s really incredible how we have been so profoundly indoctrinated and conditioned to think all the answers are on the outside but not on the inside. It’s staring us in the face but still we see the same mistakes repeated over and over again. Blinded and deluded in an everlasting miasma of entertainment, distraction and instant gratification.
This pernicious deception seems to have gripped some souls more than others. Either way, it’s rife in society and damn the control system loves to provide us with an abundance of comforting solutions to get away from our endless list of troubles.
I firmly believe we have choice, and a boundless array of them if we just open our eyes and then take some control back. We are only under control by our passive consent.
By simply removing the things that have detrimental effect on our consciousness will allow us to grow and be what we really should be. Free and happy human beings with massive sense of possibility and opportunity.
But the fundamental problem is that so many people don’t seem to know what is really bad for them, and they seem to continuously attract these demonic forces into their lives.
They seem to have no awareness of what drives their souls to such low depths of misfortune and depravity. They continuously surround themselves with malevolent physical and mental energies that affect their psychic state and keep them in a constant flux of lethargy and overwhelming suffering.
People seem to have forgotten that the bad company you keep, the festering house where you dwell, the vapid music that you listen to, the vacuous TV that you watch, the books that you don’t read, the good food that you don’t eat, the humor that you do not possess, the exercise that you avoid, and the general conspiratorial fear mongering will all contribute to your overall mental and physical dysfunction.
These are such simple things, yet they still continue to be at the forefront of vices that take people down to the depths of despair. Thus seeing countless people being medicated, under the watchful eye of big brother’s profitable medical establishment.
All these things can be changed, when changed inside the mind. All these things are both outside and inside. All these things are choices to be made.
We generally have the choice whether to live in squalor, to keep unsavory company, or to work in a terrible job. We generally have the choice whether to live a positive or negative life. But you will see the same unfathomable and glaring mistakes time and time again.
For example, you will meet that person who’s always dour, acrimonious, complaining, joyless, depressed, jobless, hypochondriac, got no relationship. And that person just happens to be always residing in a total festering cesspit of a home. Why is that?
Well simply because one vice reflects another vice, one foe breeds another foe, one negative thought manifests another negative thought. Having one negative thing in your life attracts another negative thing in your life and then the unforgiving cycle begins.
It then becomes habitual to live in a fettered stink hole of a home. It then becomes habitual to feel down and depressed. It then becomes habitual to repel good people and attract bad people. It then becomes habitual to feel hopeless and joyless. It just becomes this foreboding, endless, perpetual habit, and it is totally normalized through its continuous pattern and routine.
Over time our brains are then wired to pain and our default setting becomes sadness.
Of course, nothing’s ever black and white and there are exceptions. I know that some people are actually melancholic because they are deficient in brain chemicals like serotonin, dopamine or maybe vitamin deficient in B and D, or maybe they have had a long run of bad luck and trauma. But very often in our society it’s just a case of self inflicted psychic damage from poor decision making and lack of understanding.
If people were more aware, lucid and optimistic, they could remove themselves from these constant diabolical situations and see dramatic and unquestionable change. Change inside would be change outside, and change outside would be change inside. This simple and ancient equation is so profoundly powerful if practiced and used wisely. Yet so many seem blind to its magic and almost instant transformation. The status quo have done an impeccable job in keeping people away from their true and pure nature. Keeping people feeling inadequate, fearful, narcissistic, detached, frustrated, depressed. Endlessly beckoning people to chase and desire material and superficial dreams until the day they die.
Every now and then you will meet a complete polar opposite to these dour spirits. A light but radiant energy, full of zest, humor, positivity and relentless rebellious passion. These characters can be sometimes bashful and diffident or sometimes loud and ostentatious but still positive and always with a spring in their step. Even when they are in a bad situation they can remain upbeat and optimistic. You could put them in the same bleak setting as the dour spirit but still they are more happy and more vibrant.
This is because it comes from within. This may also be because they are more pure, aware and more centered as human beings.
These are the people to learn from, because these are joyous mavericks in any circumstance. They know that being pessimistic and morose is not good for a rebellious and noble free spirit. But by being optimistic, vivacious and energetic is far more true to our natural state of being.
We might even envy and be frustrated by these types of people, but something can be gained from their miraculous and gracious ways of moving through the universe.
I am not trying to condemn or vilify people who are having a bad time, but I am trying to point out something which may bring hope and self empowerment. I am trying to say that there is always a way if the will is strong and all is never lost. Simple steps will yield huge results.
The system wants us dependent on it. It creates the problem then it gives the solution. The system wants depression, fear, anxiety, bleak conspiracy theories, anger, pseudo happiness and a whole catalog of psychological disorders to keep us fragmented.
The system doesn’t want joyous, humorous, centered, harmonious, free thinking, rebellious and creative people full of ideas and exuberance. No why would it want that?
I hate to come across overtly preachy and conceited, but I see this demotivated and embittered spirit so much now in our society. It deeply saddens and frustrates me to see people in this persistently feckless state. It makes me angry at the system for breeding this insidious mentality, and it makes me angry at its victims for passively allowing it to happen.


Allflaws is an English electronic, industrial hip hop and trip hop project, created in 2004 by Gabriel Curran in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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