Alfllaws – InterFEARence (Lyrics) Written by Gabriel Curran


mirror ball

(Verse 1) taken from Allflaws – Interfearence

What you think and what you feel, is what will come to you,
Morphing into the physical world, projecting on the view,
Every thought will take on a form, intentions will be born,
The musings of a broken man will become the devils spawn,
It’s the artistry of paranoia, it’s the creativity of fear,
It’s the imagination of anxiety that makes demons appear,
Manifestations of the psyche, enemies self created,
The perils of the outer realm are the mind reflected,
We live in a prison made by self, run from a villain that’s inside,
Hide from a parasite in the mind, let denial make us blind,
Turn the mind against it’s self, make all the foes that we fight,
Give artillery to the destroyer, give power to the nemesis.