Allflaws – I See You Coming (Lyrics) Written By Gabriel Curran

Track released 2019 on Derelict State Records

Waking from the matrix, fleeing from the shell
Wrenching off the shackles, breaking from the spell
Pulling out the spirit, that’s dormant in the grave
Rising from the mire, escaping from the slave
Tearing up the doctrine and purging all the lies
Ripping up the dogma and cutting from the ties.

Waking from inertia, rising from the slum
Waking from the silence, now the truth has come
Yelling from the chamber, calling to the soul
Tearing from the clutches, taking back control
Waking up the rebel, sleeping in the cage
Waking up the villain, shaking up the rage.

The lie has died
I’ve got no fear
I’m breaking out
I’ve got no fear


Allflaws is an English electronic, industrial hip hop and trip hop project, created in 2004 by Gabriel Curran in Bristol, United Kingdom.

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