Allflaws – Amrak (Verse 1)

The apparitions of yesteryear are coming round full circle, doing orbits of your history, winding back your symmetry.
Your mistakes are carved in their hearts, and your fate is etched from their scars, your treachery is survived by those who bare your marks.
The watchmen is counting backwards, the now is becoming the past,
as you slowly sink deeper into the sands of the hour glass.
Because time is coming back for you, time is bringing your death,
as the hands of the clock grip your neck, you take your last breath.

Allflaws – Manufactured Violence (Audio)

Seems like a lifetime ago since this was released. The lyrics are more than relevant now I feel. What a time we are living in. Culture is so dumbed down, superficial and vacuous. Music is at the forefront of this relentless dumbing down and general debasing of the mind. Rampantly promoting primitive and aggressive men who are unable to speak very well is one way to fragment culture. An inarticulate, unintelligent and aggressive man is nothing but futile and dangerous.