Why ALLFLAWS discontinued the first three albums

Many fans are curious to why the first three Allflaws albums have been discontinued by Derelict State Records. These albums are titled (These Walls Are Lies 2007, Black Box Here After 2009, Versus The Soul 2013)

Well the decision was actually by myself (Gabriel) and not by the label. I felt that the early Allflaws records were of that epoch and didn’t need to be out there anymore, possibly getting ahead of the newer releases. The label agreed and those records were subsequently removed from the label back catalogue.

The beauty of being on an independent label is you do have more control of your material, and you do have a say about what you want out there in the world representing your name. I really felt that the first three Allflaws records were very important and were part of the evolution of the sound. But I didn’t feel that having them out there was necessary anymore as I felt that the project had evolved.

I didn’t want to feel attached to those albums to the point were I could not just let them go and move on. Artists can get attached to art just like consumers get attached to their products. And I wanted to be able to relinquish all ties to the past with no regret. I thought f…..k it, why not just let that part of Allflaws be left where it was. People can still actually find those records on places like Ebay or YouTube so let them get found if people really want to listen to them. They were very vital records for Allflaws and I like the idea of them being old relics which might or might not ever be found.

Those first three albums really helped me explore music and the direction of the Allflaws project. They took many influences from all types of music including spoken word, industrial, punk, industrial hip hop, breakbeat, jungle, trip hop, dance and electronica. It helped the Allflaws project launch into the world and made way for much experimentation and creativity.

I’m so glad they happened as Allflaws is nothing without that part of the journey.

Thanks for the continuous support


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