Allflaws – Shadow Side (Written By Gabriel Curran)

(First four lines of Shadow Side set the tone for the whole song)

I Spit flames from the cage,
Harness all my inner rage,
Call upon my rebel sage,
And write the future on a page.

Allflaws – Cradle To Grave (Verse 2) Written By Gabriel Curran

The shift ends and now it’s time to go home
Take a rest from the corporate monochrome
All tired and beaten up from the day
Need to sleep, but I stay awake anyway
Get a fix, escape for a short while
Have a drink and crack a little half smile
On the couch, staring at the TV
In a slumber wishing I could be free
Flicking through the channels of distraction
Keeping me in a state of inaction
In a cycle, blighted by the routine
In a trap, governed by the machine