Allflaws – Soulless (Lyrics) Written By Gabriel Curran

Verse 1 from (Allflaws – Soulless)

Alarm rings to start the day, as another dream fades to grey
Can’t break from the daily grind, living life on borrowed time
Early rise, tired eyes, clocking in to slave away
Everybody is on the run, and no-one stops to take a breath
Life keeps passing by, and every chance is getting missed
Time keeps ticking by, and all we do is just exist
The cunning trick of this design, keeps us trapped inside our minds
Can’t see beyond these walls, and can’t see what life could be
Just caught up in the same routine, with no time to live our dreams
And no space to go and roam, and no truth to call our own
Just shadows of our former selves, swindled by this cruel game
Just shadows of our former selves, feeling all the systems pain.

Allflaws – Amrak (Verse 1)

The apparitions of yesteryear are coming round full circle, doing orbits of your history, winding back your symmetry.
Your mistakes are carved in their hearts, and your fate is etched from their scars, your treachery is survived by those who bare your marks.
The watchmen is counting backwards, the now is becoming the past,
as you slowly sink deeper into the sands of the hour glass.
Because time is coming back for you, time is bringing your death,
as the hands of the clock grip your neck, you take your last breath.