Allflaws – Nemesis (Lyrics) Written By Gabriel Curran

Taken from the forthcoming album Mysterium

Trepidation has us all in chains
Cortisol is coursing through the veins
Catatonic, the soul is now asleep
Acquiescent, the mind is now so weak
Indoctrinated, with demons in the thoughts
Infiltrated, by nefarious taunts
Violated, corrupted in the mind
Parasitic, the fear makes us blind

Fear is the enemy
The weapon of devilry
Killing us mentally
Keeping us tyrannised

Hypnotised, by the serpents in disguise
Tranquilized, by malevolent lies
Tyrannised, by an esoteric spell
Ostracised, contained within a shell
Fear is the weaponry, the tyranny, the enemy,
The entity, the energy, the demon inside of me
Fear is the sorcery, the slavery, the trickery,
the devilry, the treachery, the sickness inside of WE

Fear is the enemy
The weapon of devilry
Killing us mentally
Keeping us tyrannised


Allflaws – Relic (Verse 3) Written By Gabriel Curran

Taken from Allflaws – Relic

For my friends who have passed. R.I.P

The agony and ecstasy, is etched into my history
Ingrained as a part of me, forming my entirety
Can’t forget the lineage, the spirits of this narrative
Can’t forgot the heroes, the ones that made it shine
Everything that’s ever been, is projected in a dream
Everything that’s ever been, is reflected in a scene
Goodbye my faithful friend, another road comes to end
you’ll always be in my heart, always shinning in dark.

Allflaws – I See You Coming (Lyrics) Written By Gabriel Curran

Track released 2019 on Derelict State Records

Waking from the matrix, fleeing from the shell
Wrenching off the shackles, breaking from the spell
Pulling out the spirit, that’s dormant in the grave
Rising from the mire, escaping from the slave
Tearing up the doctrine and purging all the lies
Ripping up the dogma and cutting from the ties.

Waking from inertia, rising from the slum
Waking from the silence, now the truth has come
Yelling from the chamber, calling to the soul
Tearing from the clutches, taking back control
Waking up the rebel, sleeping in the cage
Waking up the villain, shaking up the rage.

The lie has died
I’ve got no fear
I’m breaking out
I’ve got no fear

Allflaws – Relic (Written By Gabriel Curran)

Verse 1 from Allflaws – Relic

As years pass slowly by, many souls say goodbye,
Ashes thrown in the sky, bringing tears to the eye,
Love comes and loves leaves, blows away like autumn leaves,
Into the cold light of day, see the moment fade away,
Everything that’s ever been, feels like a lucid dream,
Everything that’s every been, echoes in the present scene,
See the era come to pass, see the epoch turn to dust,
See the ghosts play their part, in the story of the heart,
Polaroids and memories floating on a quantum breeze,
Sentiments and synergies, cast in the sovereign seas,
Glories and tragedies remembered by the melodies,
Playing deep inside the mind, play the past then rewind,
Going there to that time where everything seemed to shine,
Going back to that age, turning back to that page,
To the portal in the past, where mortals forever last,
To that place, to that scene, to that space, to that dream.

(Possessed) Written by Gabriel Curran

Your lips spit black acid projectile, every diction laced in hate fermented bile. Because you’re so damn wicked you give demons the fear, reduce Lucifer to tears.
You smoke asbestos from acid laced strips, inhale pain through cancer chard lips.
Your swollen varicose limbs are septic pin cushions for doses of HIV negativity, as your fellow fiends down shots of blood syphilis fatality.
You snort white lust from devil reflected mirrors, looking back at your emaciated face makes your whole soul quiver.
You see the bloodshot delusion in your own acrimonious eyes, the intoxicated demon of your own feckless demise.
You’re so impure, as you sweat toxins from your puss infected pores, insects nestling into your fermented sores.
To alleviate the self suffering, you take another hit from the atomic bong, as radiation incinerates every conscious thought, and then your mind distorts into apocalyptic scene, a child burning scream.
Your calloused heart is a toxic cesspit of thick scum and grease, as industrial waste spews from your fetid fulminating mouthpiece.
At the end of the day you soak your festering wounds in your salt laced tears, your squalid bath tub of needle infested fears.

Allflaws – Dissident Rage (Lyrics) By Gabriel Curran

Ripping wires from the mind, unplugging from the grind
Reaching through the smoke screen, pulling out my lost dreams
Waking up my dead soul, pulling myself from this hole
Now the truth has some eyes, seeing past the shallow guise.

Now it’s time to run
Let my will speak
Now it’s time to run
Find another way
Now it’s time to run
Set my soul free
Now it’s time to run
Let my ghosts flee.

Rising from the slumber hole, giving life to my soul
Raging fire in the eyes, burning through all the lies
Laughing in the devils face, now it’s time to get a taste
Fuck the rules, fuck the game, you will never make me tame.

Now it’s time to run
Let my will speak
Now it’s time to run
Find another way
Now it’s time to run
Set my soul free
Now it’s time to run
Let my ghosts flee.